Managing the work-winning workload

This has been a hectic week for work-winning. Too many deadlines, requests for information and interruptions!

Does anyone have any similar experiences or tips on how to manage this?

Pre-qualification questionnaires: there has to be a better way?

So this afternoon I’m completing another PQQ, which is requesting more or less the same information as the one last week and the two the week before. All for public sector clients.

Surely there has to be a more efficient way to pre-qualify for work, like having a centralised database with all this information on? Why can’t we leverage ConstructionLine more?

The built environment industry would definitely deliver more value to clients by being able to spend time and effort on marketing, rather than completing these questionnaires ad nauseum.

Does anyone else have any views?

Using Instagram to market an architectural practice

Using Instagram to market an architectural practice

One of the joys for a marketer working in the built environment sector, is the visuality and visibility of the end product. This can be a building across a range of sectors, or a road or bridge.

I have been talking with the senior management at work about the possibility of using Instagram to promote completed buildings, or even projects being built.

Is anyone else using Instagram in this way? What results are you getting? Do you have any tips or hints to make the process more efficient or get better results?