1 September – that back to school feeling

1 September – that back to school feeling

This time of year always reminds me of new terms and fresh starts, even though I left school 20 years ago. The sense of new exercise books and resolutions to try harder this time has never left me in my adult life and I always commence September with a list of objectives and resolutions for the coming months.

The weather in Manchester generally improves during the early autumn (although not this morning I must confess) and a summer’s reprieve can follow a dismal August. The sunshine and clear blue skies encourage positivity and clarity of thought.

This year, this feeling coincides with my new venture being in its infancy, so I am thinking about where I want to be and what I want to have achieved by Christmas, next spring and next summer. It is an exciting time for me. I have always wanted to experience the thrills and spills of running my own business and I am finally doing that.

My aims for the next year are to firstly deliver successfully the work I have already secured and develop a reputation for bid writing and marketing excellence. I will also be building my social media profile, demonstrating to the industry the value of social media and offering these services to clients. I will be increasing my skills base, particularly learning Illustrator to create infographics, so that I can provide a single-stop solution to clients.

From a business management perspective, I will be undertaking tasks I have never done before, for example finance. This fills me with trepidation, but there is a lot of help out there which I have been accessing. I am also thinking about what my business means and stands for. Not just in terms of the services it delivers to clients, but also how it delivers its services. I will be talking more about this in a future post.

So September and the following months will be busy, but I’ve got a stack of clean notebooks and firm resolutions, so I’m relishing the challenge.