As my awards list confirms, there are so many awards across the built environment, celebrating achievements from design to products and everything in between. But what are the other benefits of submitting awards and what should they form part of your marketing strategy if you are a business operating in the built environment? 

Being award-winning

So many things are described as being ‘award-winning’ these days – so set yourself apart by actually winning an award! Awards are a quality mark and being considered the best of the best in your sector or peer group provides external validation within industry and client groups. Awards also benchmark your performance with the rest of the industry. 

Reviewing your business/project/initiative from an external perspective

The submission process forces you to consider your business, project or initiative from an external perspective. What are the features that set it apart and what benefits did these bring the client or wider team? Articulating these clearly will bring value beyond the award submission.

The opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients and other stakeholders

Awards provide the opportunity to tell the story of the project, as well as giving you the opportunity to further strengthen your relationship with your client by promoting their project and sharing the success at the awards event.  

Employee recognition

Project teams work really hard to deliver schemes or find solutions to challenges. Recognising this effort and achievement builds morale and emphasises team spirit.

Attracting future talent

The best talent wants to work for award-winning organisations and demonstrating that you are the best will attract and retain the best future employees.

Marketing, PR and networking

Award shortlisting or wins are a good reason to tell everyone what you have achieved via social media or PR. The judging process and awards event will also give you the opportunity to have your logo on the awards materials, as well as networking at a senior level, potentially opening doors to new opportunities, markets, clients and projects.