August has been a busy month, working on two bids and writing one award for a really inspirational local business. I’ve also been on some beautiful hikes around the North West and spent a long weekend camping in Harlech on the edge of Snowdonia.

Bids I’ve worked on this month

I worked on two bids during August – another one with an aviation theme (I had worked on a similar bid in July) and one in paper recycling, which is a sector I hadn’t written a bid in for a while. One bid was for a favourite repeat client (favourite because they are clear about what they need me to do and pay in under 14 days), and the second client is new. Although this is a new client, it will be the start of a nice long-term relationship, as they have asked me to work on their business development strategy for the next 12 months. It’s great being able to work with clients before bids come to market – it puts us in a much stronger position to influence the procuring client and understand what they need before the tender documents are even written.

Availability for the autumn

September will see me spending some time up in Scotland, partly in Glasgow and partly in Arran, an island I fell in love with a couple of years ago when I went for a walking holiday. My Gran came from Glasgow and I spent a fair amount of my childhood holidays there and on the western coast of Scotland, so I enjoy going back.

I have been booked for much of October and November, but will have availability for smaller pieces of work. However, bids can be fickle and late being published, so it’s  always worth emailing or calling to ask and if I can’t help, I will be able to refer to you another bid writer.

Blog posts

I have been keeping up my blogging habit, although I don’t always manage to post every week because bid deadlines have to take precedence. However, August’s posts were:


Awards have had a hiatus over the summer, but they will be ramping up again over the autumn. I am refreshing my construction awards list to guide us over the next six to 12 months and will share this with you soon. 

And finally…

In bid world, it can be one deadline after another until Christmas and the autumn goes by in a whirl. Spend some time outside and enjoy this most colourful of seasons – the weather can be fantastic. For me, enjoying nature is the perfect antidote to intense bid writing. What plans do you have for the autumn?