July has been another busy month, with a combination of bids, writing content for my blog and working towards my hypnotherapy qualification…

Bids I’ve worked on this month

This month I have had the honour of writing for the practice of one of my architectural heroes – this was a big bid with a team located across the world. See my Instagram for the testimonial. I also kicked-off a couple of bids that I will be working on over August. A theme over the past six weeks has been Australia – writing bids and collateral for Australian projects and making connections with bid people over there. 

Availability for August and the autumn 

I am fully-booked until September, but please get in touch to discuss your bid requirements for the autumn (I can’t believe I’m typing the word autumn already).

Last autumn projects were put on hold ‘because of Brexit’. This year it seems like clients have realised that stuff still needs to get built and I have been approached about a number of bids, including a provisional booking for the period around Christmas, so if you want to book any time, please get your orders in!

Blog posts

I published a number of blogs over July, which are proving very popular. Thank you to everyone who has shared and commented on them. Let me know if there are any particular subjects you want me to write about, even if it’s just from my perspective.   

July blogs were: 

Podcasts I’m listening to 

People who know me well know that I’m a long-time politics nerd, and summer is the time when the next series of Peter Hennessy’s Reflections is published. It’s a long-form interview with a wide range of senior politicians, getting under their skin to understand the person behind the political personality, and understanding key events from their perspective. You can find it here.  

Awards this month

The CIBSE Building Performance Awards are open for submissions, with a deadline of 13 September. The awards judge in-use performance, rather than projections, and the 2020 Awards focus on all aspects of a project, product or innovation that create safe, healthy, functional and sustainable buildings that operate efficiently and meet users needs.

I am also working with a really inspirational client to put together an awards strategy for the next 12 months. If I can do the same for  you, please get in touch. 

And finally…

Enjoy the rest of the summer. If you don’t have too many bids on, use the time to strip out the content from previous bids and build up your bid libraries, update your CVs and case studies, and get ready for a busy bidding time over the autumn.