So now you have entered the awards and been shortlisted, how do you maximise the marketing opportunities? An awards shortlisting is great news to share with the industry, your clients and employees. This post gives you some ideas. 

Social media

Share your good news on social media, telling everyone about the project. Link these posts to a case study on your website and online media pieces from the awards organisation, communicating the businesses that have been shortlisted. Follow the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, liking the posts and following everyone else that has been shortlisted. 

Using the logo

Most awards will have a logo you will be able to use as a shortlisted business, so make the most of this by adding it to your website, social media, email footers and other collateral.

Update your project case study

Update the case study with award details and the logo – demonstrate this project was good enough to be shortlisted for an award and explain the reasons why. 

Put the case study on the website

Develop a case study for the project or innovation you have been shortlisted for, and publish it on your website. Regularly share links to this through your social media up to the awards event.

Attend the event

Attending the event will give you a great opportunity to network with other attendees – often senior individuals from organisations or potential clients. Take the opportunity network with other businesses – you never know who you might meet! Live tweeting using the awards hashtag can be really effective and a great way of celebrating with the other winners.

After the event 

After the event, share the official photos and don’t forget to tell everyone how you did! 

Are there any angles I’ve missed – what other ideas do you have for maximising awards submissions? Get in touch and let me know!