Technology and social media is changing how we connect with each other and who we connect with. Relationships and friendships which wouldn’t have been possible ten, or even five years ago, are becoming commonplace. There are now endless opportunities to collaborate and network with people who share interests or work in similar roles and sectors.

I am a bid writer and marketer and I have spent most of my career working within the built environment. I am enjoying taking part in the changes in how we do things. I would point out, though, that technology isn’t changing what we do. This will always be building profile in the marketplace and winning profitable work. However social media is making it so much easier to connect with people, develop relationships and create influence.

Social media is also invaluable in getting the built environment sector story out there. If you don’t work in the sector, you probably have very little idea how design and construction influences our everyday lives, or how challenging it can be to complete schemes.

This informal flow of information, whether progress photos, timelapse cameras or video case studies of completed projects all contributes to developing society’s general knowledge of this key industry, as well as improving the sector’s reputation and hopefully attracting talented young people to want to develop a career in it.

So, social media is a real boon to the construction industry, all we need to do now is convince senior people that their clients really use it and engage with it, as well as other key stakeholders we may need to influence.