So after many years of deliberation, I have decided to set myself up freelance. My service will be marketing and bid writing and my target audience is all stakeholders in the built environment.

It feels liberating to be able to work the hours I need to be able to complete an excellent piece of work, as well as work across many sectors and sectors in the industry, rather than being constrained by the organisation I am employed by.

The time is right for me to do this. I have spent nearly 12 years in this role and most of this time has been within construction or design. I am excited about being able to share these skills for the benefit of an industry I am so passionate about. However, whilst loving what I do, I have always felt envious of people who are entrepreneurial and masters (or mistresses) of their own destiny. I want to do this and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll do something else.

I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences of freelancing in this type of role within construction and any tips would be gratefully received at this point!

Wish me luck!