September brought a change of tempo and I took off a fortnight to recover from an intense summer. I spent some time in Glasgow, reconnecting with my roots, and then went on to Arran, which is one of my favourite places in the world. I did a fair amount of walking and taking photographs in both places, and now I’m now back, I’m raring to go, with a full diary between now and Christmas.

Bids I’ve worked on this month

This month I have started work on a couple of new bids, including a framework bid for a long-term client and providing some consultancy for another long-term client. I have also met up with some old and new clients. October will see me commencing a new infrastructure bid, which I’m really excited about. Working on bigger bids is how I gain maximum exposure to really good practice and develop new skills and experience to bring back to smaller clients.

Availability for the autumn

I have deadlines in the diary for most of the autumn but do have availability for smaller pieces of work. It’s always worth emailing or calling to ask and if I can’t help, I will be able to refer to you another bid writer.

Blog posts

This month’s blogs have been:


The construction awards submission season is mostly complete for 2019, but I am refreshing my list for 2020, as well as updating my guidance for successful entries to help you over the next 12 months.

I have been working with a really inspirational SME in the North West over the past few months, and wrote an award submission for them over the summer that has got them shortlisted for a high-profile regional award. I’m really thrilled for the organisation, because the shortlisting will get them the exposure they rightly deserve.

And finally…

It’s awards ceremonies season over the next couple of weeks, so good luck to all the businesses and individuals that have been shortlisted – have a great time at the event!